May 4th, 2008

Complete Code for Hiding Date/Time on Entries?

This one is for av8rmike - last week you posted part of a print function to hide the date and time on entries for the s2 Expressive style that watchmebe requested.

I want to rework that code for Bloggish so I can (finally) change one of my entries (the sticky post at the top of anti_aol - it's had the wrong date on it for two years! - and I want to take the modified-for-Bloggish code and publish it as a new tutorial on s2_bloggish. In another community you have said that the code requires me to "override the RecentPage::print_body() function, since Bloggish doesn't print the date inside the entry" - could you give me the complete code I'll need?

Also, before I forget - if I use the code you give me to hide the date and time, can I still keep my top post on top (assuming I don't change it's current date - Dec. 11, 2008)?

Thanks for your help.