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t_quibbler in s2bloggish

I feel like I've seen a work-around for this once, but after two hours searching I can't bloody find it. :\ Is it possible to remove the "Posted at xx:xx" (with the x's being the time) from .entry-footer? Using CSS, not the drop-down selector; the drop-down removes it from the journal itself, but it's still on the friends page. Transparent text and negative margins won't work for this journal; as I'm using the margin to give the appearance of floating icons outside the entry area. ♥


From memory, there was a section in the customize section with the user pics and all that, where you could choose to have the time stamp or not. I'm not sure if LJ's revamp of the customization page omitted it, but it's worth a try to see if it's still there.


I mentioned that I knew there's a drop-down selector for it, but those selectors work for the journal itself (and not for the friends page) so I was hoping there was a CSS selector for it. I'm thinking that there's not, but thanks all the same! :)
Ah, oops; sorry! Disregard my comment! :D

You're welcome; hope you eventually solve the problem!
Meep, sorry, that was me, didn't notice I wasn't logged in. :>
I never did manage to remove it. :( There is a drop down selector that lets you remove it from your journal (something about 'show posting time on entries'), but it doesn't apply to your friends page. Alternatively, depending on the styling of the journal, you can opt to have the text of it be transparent, and then do a negative value margin-left?

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