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vic_vega66 in s2bloggish

Question about width and removing the calender

 Hi, apologies if this has been asked and answered before. I have some experience of HTML and CSS and have tried differant layouts but keep coming back to this one, its stylish and the colours are spot on. Anyway, my questions are;

1) How do I get into the CSS for the Beckett style sheet?
2) How do I increase the width of the central colum?
3) How do I get rid of the calender?

Thanks in advance.



I don't know about he Beckett Style Sheet, but the other two I think I can help.

if you're using a 3 column layout, then you have Alpha, Beta and Gamma columns. Beta is the middle, and you'll want to set that width to whatever percentage in order to get the width you want, with Alpha and Gamma having smaller percentages. For example,

width: 20%;
width: 60%;
width: 20%;

Just remember with percentages that the three columns must add up to 100%. You can also use specific widths in pixels, however if someone uses a different screen rez than you do, or does not work with their windows maximized they may end up with scroll bars.

To get rid of the calendar is simple.

display:none !important;

This can be used for any module that you do not want to display. Hope that's helpful.
What do you mean by "get into the CSS" for the style sheet?
No CSS displays in the editing options; the style sheet shows blank. Do I just start dropping CSS into it and hope it applies correctly? (Sorry - I am new to CSS).

I am having the same issue with the journal displaying very narrowly, even in a single column layout . . .


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