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It's my first time heavily editing a custom css (I used the tutorial/template here.) and I'm already in a pickle. ^^;;

Everything seems to be going along ok so far, but is it possible to make the comments header/title always display even without text input? I need it to display to complete the background image.

I did try sticking a display:block and visibilty:visible in h3.comment-header but they didn't do anything. :/

Thanks in advance!

Removing Unwanted Graphics

Hi, everyone.   I've found a tremendous wealth of information here that has helped me tons in tweaking my bloggish layout.   Thank you to all!!!

I've got one lingering pain in the butt that I can't seem to solve.  Can anybody tell me how to lose these things? 
I've got a Plus account and am using the Powell Street layout.     Thanks, guys!


x-posted to s2styles:

my layout is called 'bloggish' by lilia ahner and the theme is TRAVEL.

this layout does not have the option to remove the summary from the sidebar. is there a code to do this? please help, i hate the way it looks and i don't know anything about html/CSS. thank you!

Friends Page username & date/time

Hi, I've recently gotten back into livejournal and css. With my current layout I'm having a problem with the friends page. The username won't stay below the border line for the entry title. I've so far tried the following, but setting padding and margin isn't affecting the position.

.poster .ljuser{
display: inline;
padding-top: 20px !important;

There's also a secondary problem of when there isn't a subject, the date/time will drop below the same border line.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. I'm sorry for the messy css, but I was just adding in new parts to an old layout that I can't remember where I got from.

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width of alpha and beta

I'm having difficulty keeping my #beta from resizing whenever someone posts a huge picture on their friend's page. I know I have had this problem before with Bloggish whenever I have used beta as my entry column with the sidebar on the left (which I prefer).  I've juggled with  the Alpha and Beta settings and the only one that I seem to be able to get it consistently position in the correct place is if I set the position to absolute, and the top of the beta set to 161px (which is how tall the banner is.)  However, even if I tell it to have a right margin of 75px, with !important, I am ignored and the beta expands whenever there is a giant graphic that is bigger than what the entry width would normally be. it causes a scroll bar along the bottom, and the beta is flush with the right side when you scroll over instead of having that 75px margin.  I want it to adjust so that that margin is always viz on the right. I will set a min width probably of about 400px and if someone looks at it under that kind of rez then they can scroll around, but under normal circumstances, I don't want a scroll bar to be there just to look at the entry. I'd rather have the picture truncated.

The question is, is there a better way to do this? Is there a way for instance to say that an image may only be Xpx wide? I know that in my other Bloggish layouts I could acheive that with the sidebar on the other side, and the picture would just truncate which is what I prefer. If I want to look at some giant picture that someone didn't cut, I will happily click to their entry directly.

Any help? Thanks in advance, here is my code for this section as it is working best...
Edit: So... of course as soon as I posted this something changed and it started self adjusting, at which time I removed the top: xyzpx because it was not needed any more, and now it's working fine. go figure.
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posts in communities / location

Hi! I'm new to Bloggish after I switched to a Fulcrum layout.

Now I tweaked it to the point where I'm really happy with it - except for one little detail that bugs me. In Minimalism I could get rid of the "user" IN "community" in communities by adding set text_user_posts_in = "". I'm sure there has to be a way to do that in Bloggish, too.

Also, how can I get rid of the location part of the currents altogether? I only want to show the music and the mood part of it.

Thanks for your help in advance.
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Mood theme pics replaced with words?

I noticed that when LJ started to mess with the technical framework lately, the pics or icons my mood theme for my bloggish have been replaced with just words even though I actually chose one with pictures.

Does anyone have an idea how to fix this?

Edit to say solved.

I just changed it to:

.metadata img {display: inline;}

Getting back into LJ...

..and I upgraded to the Plus deal so i could have more goodies. Anywho, I started using the Bloggish style (Folio) and I'm mucking about with customization now. The only thing I'm not liking so far about it is the ginormously long Tags section. Can I make this thing do the whole "cloud" deal, or at least display in a smaller box in a similar style? If not, why?

I've spent the good part of an hour now trying to find out all the variables one can use so I can get an idea on how to simply create my own template, or seriously hack the hell out of existing ones, to no avail. I'm no web dev, and I actually know very little HTML/CSS, but I can learn, and quickly. I used to use Movabletype back before it went commercial, so working out templates is nothing alien. Like I said, I'd just like to know all the available or recognized CSS tags and their variables, and especially if I can do that cloud thing or not.

Thanks in advance. :)
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I feel like I've seen a work-around for this once, but after two hours searching I can't bloody find it. :\ Is it possible to remove the "Posted at xx:xx" (with the x's being the time) from .entry-footer? Using CSS, not the drop-down selector; the drop-down removes it from the journal itself, but it's still on the friends page. Transparent text and negative margins won't work for this journal; as I'm using the margin to give the appearance of floating icons outside the entry area. ♥